Monitor your tech with one of our many monitoring services.

Fully Managed Server Monitoring
$29.99 USD Monthly

That's right, we manage your monitoring for you. If something goes wrong, we act immediately to get things back up and running. We investigate issues up to 15 minutes for free,After that we ask for further authorizations to continue any work at tour hourly support rate. If you want If you have time in your bank, you can increase how long we work on things before we ask for authorization. Our experienced admins will make sure things are fixed right, the first time.

Fully Managed Monitoring With Fully Managed Support
$79.99 USD Monthly
Fully Managed Site Monitoring
Starting from $2.00 USD Monthly

Our monitoring service also has the ability to monitor your site. Unlike most other services, we do not just ping your server, Our service pulls and then evaluates your site, looking for certain select words. With this process, we eliminate false positives due to Ping prioritization, And, will also alert if the server is up, but there is a true issue with your site such as white page errors due to plugin/theme issues.

If your site does go down, we will immediately alert you, and investigate as necessary.